Meet the Founders: Nanordica Medical

Meet the Founders: Nanordica Medical

We sat down with the founders of Nanordica Medical to hear and share more about their impressive vision of developing a nanoformula which enables them to create 5x more efficient antibacterial wound dressings for chronic wounds and other wide range of antibacterial products that are less toxic to human cells and to the environment.
Meet Anna-Liisa Kubo, Co-Founder & CEO, Olesja Bondarenko, Co-Founder & CTO and Grigory Vasiliev, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer.

What is the problem you are solving?

Anna-Liisa: We are solving the problem of infected wounds focusing on chronic diabetic wounds.

Grigory: We create solutions to eliminate bacteria in fields where this problem has not been resolved yet.

Why is now the right time to solve this problem?

Anna-Liisa: The current solutions are not good enough to solve this problem. The antibiotics are not effective against resistant bacteria and the silver wound dressings do not inactivate bacteria entirely.

Olesja: The resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is one of the top health problems. Currently, bacterial infection cannot be cured by traditional antibiotics in 30-50% cases due to bacterial resistance to antibiotics, and this problem will worsen with each year. Our solution solves this problem.

How are you different from your competitors?

Olesja: Most of our competitors produce antibacterial wound dressings that consist of silver. Our solution inactivates bacteria 5 times more efficiently than silver. It is also effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Anna-Liisa: We propose a solution that makes silver, a golden standard in antibacterial wound care, a better antibacterial agent. During a research project we discovered that antibacterial efficiency of silver is better in combination with another compound. It is a synergistic effect when these two compounds work together to a better efficiency. Both of these compounds were used in wound care and we want to be the first to bring this new solution to the market. We believe that our technology will save people’s lives.

What is the recipe for a successful team?

Olesja: Complementary skills, good communication and feedback. We are very transparent in our team – we discuss problems, when they are small and we don’t let them grow big.

Anna-Liisa: Working together on good terms can be challenging sometimes. Setting goals and working to fulfil them however unites people, especially working towards the ultimate goal to help patients.

Grigory: Realistic thoughts for implementation, clearly set goals, and confidence in success.

What will be written in newspaper headlines about your company in 5 years?

Olesja: Antibacterial product of Nanordica Medical is listed in wound infection management guidelines.

Anna-Liisa: A team that developed a life-saving product, which fights bacteria with a nanotechnology.

Grigory: The products of our company are presented on the European and US markets and are available in every pharmacy of these regions.

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