Meet the Founders: forYou

Meet the Founders: forYou

We sat down with the founders of forYou, third team we have a great pleasure of introducing to you, from our Health Founders Accelerator Program 2022 – 3rd batch, to hear and share more about their amazing vision & work on revolutionizing personal skin care routine, available at your fingertips.

Please meet the forYou team – Kirill Tupikov, Emil Ahayeu, Philip Shuba and Nikolai Degtiarev!

What is the problem you are solving? 

Kirill: I think the best way to answer this question is to tell a short story about the project initiation. The idea of the project came when a colleague of mine was observing his girlfriend and noticed how much time she spends on selecting various cosmetics, visits to the beautician and the high cost of cosmetology services. For example, in Tallinn, a visit to a massage therapist costs from €35 per hour. A large number of influencers and information found online did not give her the desired outcome, rather only annoyed her.
Our team, my partner, and I thought about how we could be useful to her and other women. We made an augmented reality prototype on Instagram and started conducting surveys, which helped us to realise that many more women run into the same struggle. After getting about 100 positive surveys, we decided that our product would be able to help them.

Emil: “Beauty starts from inside each of us and only then spreads outward to our environment and surroundings.”
The cult of “Instagram filters,” glossy magazines and standardised beauty has taken hold in popular culture. It contributes to stereotypes that beauty and health are easy and simple to achieve and when people are confronted with reality – can’t achieve quick results and look like their idols, it contributes to complexes and insecurity.
Due to this, they are often ashamed of how they look and this can lead to an inability to perceive their reflection in the mirror.
At forYou we strive to help users take care of themselves holistically. There are few things you need to do to look great: work on your self-esteem and get rid of stereotypes, know what works for you and what doesn’t and follow a simple daily routine.

Nikolai: We are trying to bring personalised care to your pocket. We have a lot of fitness devices (as well as apps), but there is no solution for an integrated space where you can work on your wellness, especially on your looks. It is important to emphasize that such care is inexpensive, regardless of all ads, and it helps people not only physically, but also mentally – if you like how you look, you are more confident about yourself. As a result, you feel better and live a more fulfilled life.

Phil: It’s quite hard to add anything more, but there is one quite important thing I’ll add.
For most of us, it’s hard to overcome shyness and talk about our skin conditions with professionals in the early stages, when it’s easy to fix. We are trying to give them a safe place, where it can be done.

Why is now the right time to solve this problem?

Kirill:  The world is speeding and recent events have drastically influenced how we take care of ourselves: COVID-19, economic downturn, remote work, etc. So, now is the right time to solve this problem.

Emil: I agree with Kirill. We are in the state, where people are striving to improve the quality of their lives. This also applies to taking care of themselves and their skin. You are also expected to look great (and even feel the inner drive to look great), but you may not have the time, and you can’t afford offline professional care as often as necessary. The whole world is moving toward more convenient and appropriate services, which are personalised, comfortable and instant.

Nikolai: In addition, we made a comparative analysis in the niches of women’s health, nutrition, and physical exercise with the niches of beauty and cosmetics. We found that in mobile products health, physical exercise and nutrition niches are covered by apps like Flo, Simple, etc. However, in the beauty niche there are no good solutions so far. So we see the opportunity to cover this niche.

How are you different from your competitors?

Emil: Our direct competitors in the self-massage and skin care industry are typically scam apps that aim to induce users to buy and then forget about them. We are on the other side – in terms of vision we want to build comprehensive products that cover all the everyday beauty and self-care needs of modern people. In terms of the product, we want to solve user problems efficiently and be as friendly and honest as possible.

Kirill: The best way to understand our approach is to look at our benchmarks, which are Flo, LifeSum, Simple etc. The unifying feature of these products is a personalised approach.

What is the recipe for a successful team?

Kirill: A pirate team united by common goals and burning eyes, plus a lot of hard work.

Emil: Faith in common impact, cooperation, trust, open conversations, meritocracy of ideas, mission and vision.

Nikolai: Keep your feet on the ground, keep calm and carry on regardless of all issues, while remaining a decent human being.

Phil: Listen, do your job to your best abilities and allow others to do the same.

What will be written in newspaper headlines about your company in 5 years?

Kirill: forYou is №1 in the world for personal consultations in cosmetology and skin care.

Emil: A large international company, a leader in the field of BeautyTech and Digital Health, with several product lines has a market capitalization of over 1 billion euros.

Nikolai:  Various bits of news about new forYou functionalities, rumours, etc. I see us becoming as ubiquitous as the Xiaomi Mi Band.  

Phil: “forYou drastically helps to reduce skin diseases”

To find out more about forYou, head over to

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