Health Founders companies receive grants from Enterprise Estonia

Health Founders companies receive grants from Enterprise Estonia

We are extremely proud to announce that 4 companies from the Health Founders family have received grants from the Enterprise Estonia Applied Research Programme to develop their innovative deep tech products further. The total budget of these projects is nearly 3 million EUR.

Dermtest will be adding a digital therapeutics (DTx) app to its digital toolbox of complex dermatological condition management. With the project they are developing a digital medical device application for patients with a chronic skin condition. The prescribable digital therapeutics tool helps patients to manage their disease, includes automatic suggestions to prevent disease exacerbation, reduces the need for face-to-face medical care and increases quality of life. 

Project budget: 500 367€

CoNurse is a protocol adherence application supporting its users by providing step-by-step delivery of institution-specific guidelines for nursing and clinical protocols. The project aims to extend  the functionalities of CoNurse by developing a stochastic model for implementing smart and dynamic protocol delivery. Instead of manually having to choose proper guidance for staff members, the model will allow to initiate guidance based on continuously monitored input parameters as well as previously set rules.

Project budget: 809 636€

Transformative is a medical software company with expertise in machine learning. They use cutting-edge artificial intelligence to predict serious medical conditions, thus enabling life-saving preventive care. Their first product is software that analyzes continuous cardiac monitoring data of patients in hospital in order to predict sudden cardiac arrest. With this grant, they will complete development of their software, so that it is ready for piloting at North Estonia Medical Centre. 

Project budget: 602 108€

Activate Health is building the world’s first digital therapeutics (DTx) platform for the prevention and early intervention of metabolic syndrome, a silent epidemic that affects nearly a third of the world’s adult population. Their evidence-based Software as a Medical Device will provide both patients and specialists the necessary tools to control and reverse metabolic conditions in order to delay the onset of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. 

Project budget: 1 050 000€

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